trifon tsvetkov

Hey, I'm Trifon 👋

I do marketing for startups. Specifically, I focus on content and SEO, having produced more than 1,000 blog articles and 100s of web pages, case studies and eBooks over the last decade.I like to learn about different stuff. Past nicknames include "Google", "The Professor" and "The Big-Eared Medusa" (thanks, sis). If you want to chat or work together, see below 👇

Work with me

If you're B2B SaaS founder/exec with a cool product - and you need help with marketing - connect with me on LinkedIn.

Read my stuff

Apart from LinkedIn, we can connect on Medium where I write about personal productivity tools and methods.

The Invoice Newsletter

Are you a freelancer, consultant or agency owner looking to grow their business? Check out my Substack.

Freelance copywriting

Need help writing content and copy for your business? Connect with me on Upwork.

Content agency

If you're looking for high-quality content at scale, check out my content agency Undraft.

Stuff I'm learning

Apart from work, I'm currently learning how to code using JavaScript and develop apps via Bubble. I'm also actively practicing football, CrossFit and kickboxing.