trifon tsvetkov

Hey, I'm Trifon 👋

I run a content agency called Undraft. Previously, I was in charge of marketing at 5 SaaS companies and worked with 12 more as a freelance copywriter. I like to learn about different stuff. Past nicknames include "Google", "The Professor" and "The Big-Eared Medusa" (thanks, sis). If you want to chat or work together, see below 👇

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If you're B2B SaaS founder/exec with a cool product - and you need help with marketing - connect with me on LinkedIn.

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If you're using generative AI to create new content, check out my editing service to save hours laboring over fact-checks, rewriting and on-page SEO.

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If you're interested in tools and methods for personal productivity, follow me on Medium. If you want to learn about starting and building a freelance business, check out my Substack newsletter.